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The fairy godmother waved her wand and drew up from thin air a carriage and an evening gown. And Cinderella stepped into it and there was nothing as beautiful ever.

Sleeping Beauty lay in the castle room waiting for her Prince to come and seal the moment with a kiss.

An integral part of every story you heard since you were little was one with the perfect evening gown. Every little girl has dreamed of the fairytale existing; Prince Charming swooping in and carrying her off in his arms.

Add to this version of the fairytale, an evening gown that is dazzling and glamorous and manages to turn the fairytale into reality!

Why has the evening gown always been a dream for girls?

From the red carpet of Cannes to International award shows to THE BIG DAY, a constant fashion statement has been the evening gown.Whether sequined gowns for wedding, lacy, tight-fitting gowns for engagement, an A-line or even those with ounces of flare, nothing, and we repeat, nothing can ever dim the shine and glam that an evening gown adds to one’s look.

It is this very reason why every woman looks for a perfect evening gown. A belief she associates with old school love, romances that never fade out and a look that was worn by princesses once upon a time.

Emiraas by Indrani waves the magic wand and presents to you gowns for women!

Get your version of the fairytale evening gown online with these never-seen-before styles that our designers bring to you! Queens and princesses and royalty stepped into their evening gowns of gold and silver and here is your chance to do the same. Have your moment in your bridal gown.

Our evening gowns online are all the razzle-dazzle you need

See the enchantment for yourself as you browse through our evening gowns collection in Mumbai.

The ethnic evening gowns

Charm the audience with your flowy satin cowl gown for your engagement and groove to the beat of the music with a gown from our collection.

The bold evening gowns

For those who wish to be more daring, we have our off-shoulder range of fancy gowns that will leave them stunned at just how fashionable they get.

The vintage look

When one speaks of evening gowns for women, you cannot afford to forget the ruffled look. Customary crimson or stunning lavender never fail to stun. Voluminous puff-sleeve ball gowns were all the rage in the 80s. Buy gowns online now!

The chic styles

While you can expect our bridal gown collection to hold everything you need, there are also casual party pieces that will add ease to your evening.

Get your romance started!

Our evening gowns in Mumbai are birthed from pure organza and couldn’t be more heavenly in their look and feel.Have your Cinderella moment with these fancy gowns. These embellished evening gown designs speak of fairytale romances long gone and bring to life stories of eons ago.Emiraas by Indrani gives you your moment of royalty with these online designer gowns. This is your chance to step into the spotlight and have the world gazing at you.

Buy your gown online!

Emiraas by Indrani has added to their collection of online evening gowns, bodices that reflect the same level of luxury, but with a twist of style and glam. You can buy your gown online in India at a click of a button now!

Ladies, are you ready for your moment?
Let’s get set as you write your fairytale.